Blue Moves

an underwater dance film, premiering March 2017! Blue Moves, a contemporary/modern dance ...

Avila Soul

“Like Brooklyn Rider meets the Roots” The musical mercenaries of AVILA SOUL, ...

William Carey University

I was quite pleased to receive a call to arrange a tune ...

Dance Network Ohio Star Ball 2015

Dance Network launched on November 19, 2015, and the very first thing ...


“Classically trained musician Kyle Baker strives to reinterpret the way individuals interact with art and sound. His secret ingredient is technology.”

– The Tennessean -

“Artober 2012’s most ambitious, successful happening was the Soundcrawl festival at Brick Factory”

– Joe Nolan, Nashville Arts Magazine, December 2012 -

I don’t know how Soundcrawl director and co-founder Kyle Baker does it. I have enough trouble organizing a one-day festival.

– Tony Youngblood, Circuit Benders Ball -

“quite smart and understands how to make connections with a huge variety of people”

– Adrienne Outlaw, Country Life Blog (the Nashville Scene) -

Kyle Baker is one of Nashville’s most thoughtful, daring and lyrically gifted composers.

– John Pitcher, Nashville Scene -